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A long, well-researched, and important read. Here's a critical excerpt. Full text below.
..."Why the Jewish baby boys are circumcised on the eighth day?
The secret to this lies in the occult knowledge. Levites possess that knowledge.
And incidentally, they do not perform circumcision on their own babies, they do that only to their "livestock" - the Jews.
During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew.
In other words - a circumcised Jew is only half a person - with mutilated soul and brain.
Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed.
We have all seen that religious Jews wear a skull cap. The meaning of it is very profound - that skull cap covers the highest, seventh human chakra - Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head.
The Jews close it, thus cutting themselves off the Cosmos..."
Source Article:
How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

The name of Jean-Paul Turcaud is usually associated with discoveries of a geological kind eg, mining exploration, in particular his findings in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert, and contributions to alternative geology (commonly referred to as the true geology). Jean-Paul, following in the spirit of the true pioneer, has also made some interesting discoveries in other areas, and consequences of hormonal manipulation, he claims is his greatest discovery of benefit to mankind.

"What makes people fanatics, greedy, preying, dull, stupid and mad?"

(1). Introduction
(2) About the endocrinal system
(3). About hormones
(4). Research on hormonal manipulation
(5). Different glands and their effects on temperament
(6). Correct thinking
(7) The three puberties
(8). Kosher diet and hormones
(9). Effect of circumcision on hormones
(10). Different races the result of hormonal manipulation
(11). How widespread is the practice of circumcision - male/female?
(12). Two pillars of Judeo, Islamic and Christian religions

(13) History of hormonal manipulation. Religion and manipulation of society. Effect on entire race or religion?
(14). History

1. Introduction

We hear a lot about the cause and effect of bad nutrition and lack of exercise, but what about hormones? They're obviously there for a purpose, but what is it? Jean-Paul has exposed an astounding amount of ignorance on the role of hormones. He claims certain commonly followed practices cause genetic changes from generation to generation, and the pre-eminence of hormones over all other systems including the nervous system and the brain.

Jean-Paul has built on the work of other researchers and uncovered the whole solution to this hidden knowledge. Obviously conventional medicine recognises hormones exist and have a critical role to play, but they haven't worked out the full extent of it. Apparently this knowledge is responsible for distortion of the human psyche and is at the root of what ails society. Jean-Paul refers to this as his greatest discovery as the information is outside of mainstream and very difficult to find.
"This discovery of mine is of greatest importance indeed than all my Mining Discoveries & Geological Discoveries and I am handing it out free of charge for the bettering of Humanity ! ... and as my Knight Templar's standards requires me to do ! Of course the case is well documented and at this point in time, this is my duty indeed to impart that knowledge to Humanity at large ! It shows that the whole Semite JIC (Jew; Islamic; Christian ) Sects are in fact a complete fraud, and the matter of importance in the Jew system have been carefully put out of the reach of the Common." -JPTurcaud
2. About the endocrinal system

The endocrinal system is a system of glands which produce hormones. Some of the glands are described at

What are the effects of hormones?

"Hormones are very potent substances, which means that very small amounts of a hormone may have profound effects on metabolic processes. Because of their potency, hormone secretion must be regulated within very narrow limits in order to maintain homeostasis in the body.

"Many hormones are controlled by some form of a negative feedback mechanism. In this type of system, a gland is sensitive to the concentration of a substance that it regulates. A negative feedback system causes a reversal of increases and decreases in body conditions in order to maintain a state of stability or homeostasis. Some endocrine glands secrete hormones in response to other hormones. The hormones that cause secretion of other hormones are called tropic hormones. A hormone from gland A causes gland B to secrete its hormone. A third method of regulating hormone secretion is by direct nervous stimulation. A nerve stimulus causes gland A to secrete its hormone."

2. About hormones

Animal hormones in food - growth hormones
Human growth hormones
Some diseases through lack of hormones

Nutritional angle, ie thyroid association with goitre.

3. Research on hormonal manipulation

Jean-Paul has built up a complete picture based on the work of other researchers. While giving credit to these researchers he claims they stopped short of discovering the whole insight into hormonal manipulation.

"I have decided to outlay that whole hidden knowledge, indeed two other people in France know part of it, but I am the only one to have understood & made the synthesis of the whole genetic manipulation applied successfully to the Zemite sect proper , i.e the Zews & to the neo Zemite sects : Xians & Slamists. The two other elderly people were unable to do so, on account of their ignorance & understanding of the Cacherout, and of the equal manipulation on Slamists & Xians."

One researcher who concentrated on hormone induced diseases was Endocrinologist, Dr Jean Gautier, of whom Jean-Paul says -

"The original most important discovery on what is based my work, was made by Dr Jean Gautier, Endocrinologist, of Bordeaux, France, who died unknown after being shunned all his life by the Medical Community. Indeed he made the unacceptable feat of systematically curing one of the most misunderstood and incurable diseases in children i.e. Down & Myoedemateux Syndromes. The children were recovering easily in a few years, and reaching adult age as normal. Such unacceptable behaviour, questioning the pre-eminence of the Nervous system, was never forgiven to Dr Gautier by the Officials Quacks.
" ... All specific Ethnics features are the result of the Endocrinal system specific working.. as a example the Down Syndrome child, presented as a chromosomal depletion has in fact an atrophied Thyroid ! ... and most of the time is born of an hyperthyroid mother !
... and the great French Endocrinologist whose works have been trampled underfoot since 50 years because of his findings, was able to bring those children back to normality by their adult age.
... and of course I have founded my understanding of that subject on his discoveries on part and on my own investigation on the other.

" ... Dow Syndrome is not a Trisomic 21 related disease, as the Quacks 's Disease Industry affirms, but is resulting from Hyperthyroid disfunction in the mother, inducing as a result Hypothyroid disfunction in the conceived child ... and in fact in the Dow syndrome & Myxodoemateux the Thyroid is atrophied, resulting then in the Trisomic 21 anomaly.

" Admire incidentally the Quacks' typical logic unable to sieve causes from consequences, and especially through their Universities training, to be unable to see the causes behind the causes ... and still those Imbeciles are the ones to whom the mob entrust its life !!! "
Another researcher is Professor Polacco de Ménasce, a Jewish-Frenchman of fiery energy and known for his astounding opinions and thoroughly heretical views, has picked up the Jewish side of the manipulation:

"The only common denominator which may explain the Jewish issue is their circumcision at the 8th day which perturbs the 21 days of the 1st puberty. This perturbation brings about, through hormono-psychic action, a speculative parasitic mentality, the cause of antijewism of all times, all nations in all languages."

Jean-Paul also draws on his own Celtic insights -

"In Angleterre & Grande Bretagne it has been known from Celtic Wisdom, which is going back a mere 11,600 years to the Uighur & Gobi Empire ( and then to the Antediluvian civilisations of the Pacific MU, Atlantis..) how to modify races of dogs & horses mainly. It has been known as well that the destruction of the both the Genital intern & extern functions in bull and stallion would change their mental & intellectual characteristics .... with consequences particularly on the surenales and the management of adrenaline ( that hormone of violence developed by the 2nd puberty endocrinal mutilation amongst the Islamists )."

5. Different glands and their effects on temperament

"NOW IS THE WORKING OF IT : By producing the atrophy of one Endocrinal Gland, the others will take the relay and resulting hypertrophic development of the others is the aim researched. .... of course everything is done to roll the Goys in the flour, and this is that genetic manipulations which has been made up in a fraudulent religion since 2400 years ! ..... Genetically modified humans with a man-made atrophy of one gland and the hypertrophy of some other ."
Suprarenals (violence, conquest ) weakening of the surrenals ( resistance & retaliation)

Hypophysis ( the gland of intellectual reasoning ) ( analytic / narrow-minded / iterative logic )

Pineal ( the gland of the gland of Superior Inspiration & Spirituality) (atrophy of the higher centre of spirituality & power of synthetic logic )

Thyroid ( the gland generating orgasm & productive activity ) ( gland of memory whose hypertrophy produces popping eyes syndrome & Down syndrome in the descent )

Genital extern ( insatiable mating propensity, pornography, women slavery etc )

The seven chakras

The endocrinal glands seem to have a connection to the chakra system, or each chakra is influenced by an endocrinal gland.

Chakras are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity constantly receiving, assimilating and transmitting life-force energy (also known as "ki", "chi" or "prana") within the body. They are whirling concentrated energy centres located deep within the centre of the physical body next to a hormonal gland along the spinal column. Chakras are the openings for life energy to flow in and out of our auras through this connection to the spinal cord, autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. There are seven major chakras each situated over an endocrine gland. The endocrine system controls our hormones, which in turn greatly effects our moods and emotions. Through balancing these chakras their function is to energise the physical body, glands, organs, bloodstream and nervous system to reach optimum health and well-being.

There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of chakras in and around the body but most therapists concentrate on the seven major ones. Each of these seven chakras has it's own colour, endocrine gland and function.

Chakra Endocrinal glands / function

1st - The Root Chakra The endocrine gland which relates to the 1st chakra is the adrenals. The location is the base of the spine
and lower pelvic area. It's function is to govern survival, security and physical needs. Imbalances may
manifest as bone or reproductive problems, low self-esteem or having difficulty in reaching goals.

(Two adrenal glands, also known as the suprarenals)
Also "surrenals"

2nd - The Sacral Chakra The endocrine gland for the 2nd chakra is the ovaries/gonads. Governs sexuality, emotions, desires and
creativity. Imbalances may manifest in sexual issues, impotency, sterility, frigidness, and absence of
sexual desire or sexual perversion.

Two gonads (ovaries in females, testes in males)

Governs the parts of the consciousness concerned with food and sex. It is about what the body wants and needs,
and what it finds pleasurable. The person’s ability to have children is associated with this chakra. Blockage
manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

Functions: Desire, sexuality, procreation
Verb: I WANT

This would be the "Genital extern and intern".

3rd - The Solar Plexus Chakra The 3rd chakra endocrine gland is the pancreas. The location is the upper abdomen below the breastbone. It's
function is to govern intellect and personal power. Imbalances may manifest as stomach problems, mental upsets
relating to anger, control and insecurity.

4th - The Heart Chakra The 4th chakra endocrine gland is the thymus. The location is the centre of the chest, by the heart. It's function
is to govern love, forgiveness, compassion and relationship issues. Imbalances may manifest as difficulties with
giving and receiving love, fear of rejection or feelings of unworthiness.

5th - The Throat Chakra The 5th chakra endocrine gland is the thyroid and parathyroid. The location is the middle of the throat. It's
function is to govern communication and metabolism. Imbalances may manifest as throat disorders, the need to
control others or the lack of ability to express emotions.

This chakra relates to our ability to speak our own truth. The creative energy of the first chakra: song, music,
all artistic expression, and the gift of clairaudience, or hearing sound on the astral level, are expressed here.

6th - The Brow, frontal or
Third Eye Chakra The 6th chakra endocrine gland is the pituitary and pineal. The location is the middle of the forehead. It's
function is to govern intuition and reasoning. Imbalances may manifest as headaches or eye problems, nightmares
and learning difficulties. Also it can be associated with a fear of success.

(The Pituitary Gland, also known as the Hypophysis)

7th - The Crown or head Chakra The 7th chakra endocrine gland is the pineal. The location is the top of the head. It's function is to govern
spirituality, appreciation and understanding. Imbalances may manifest as feelings of isolation and despair,
frustration and obsessions.

According to Indo-Tibetan tradition these seven chakras, along with an eighth outlying Spleen chakra, control psychological and spiritual energy as well as the health of the physical body.

6. Correct thinking

There is a type of thinking that is narrow, linear with endless repetitions and based on research ad nauseum. This thinking is committed to thinking "within the box", is exclusive and devisive.

Correct thinking is synthesised and accepts a higher wisdom permeates nature and the universe. It rational, objective, unbiased, prepared to explore the unknown, takes all viewpoints into account, being able to see the results of cause and effect in a universal context.

"Genetic tampering, generation after generation is making rightly the chosen race...a race suffering from an unbalanced Endocrinian & Nervous system, and unable indeed of the Superior Faculty of Synthesis through willing deprivation of one important Endocrinian hormone. Crawling indeed on the mad analysis linear thinking and seeing only research at nauseum as the only resource to obtain answers !"

The correct way of thinking isn't the analytical, linear way of the corporations and bankers who are taking over the world, who are obsessed with gaining an advantage through figures on a balance sheet. The thinking which governs all forms of human endeavour and worldwide cartels, is perversion and subverts all of nature and balanced thinking, to material aspects and values only that which can be measured, analysed and bargained over.

The correct way of thinking is a synthesised approach involving all of the realms of nature, in accordance with the laws of creation, spiritual concepts, and connection with higher realms of existence. The laws of higher etheric science follow the laws of the universe and is discerned by a psyche in balance with nature.
Some have asked why there are no “Beethoven’s” or “Blakes” today. The reason is obviously because we are not, for the most part, involved in cultivating the kind of holistic mentation that brings the conscious mind into harmonious dialogue with the other parts of Being. As Wilhelm Reich has pointed out we are not even experiencing integration of the somatic level let alone the noetic. The authority structures of the day are doing everything possible to make sure that the psychic scission is augmented.

Knowledge comes to us, but it is a knowledge gained through narrow left-brain cognitive abilities, though exclusion, partiality and fragmentation, and not from seeing the world as it actually is.

7. The three puberties

A little known fact is there are three puberties, and these stages are times when hormones play a part in future development. An all encompassing definition of puberty would be more usefully given as, "A developmental phase brought about by the action of hormones as part of the maturing process". The puberty we are familiar with is actually the third and final puberty occurring in late childhood/early teens. It is commonly recognised that hormones play a role in the process.

The puberties are pivotal times, deciding the direction for future growth, and once set up they lock in the tendencies for future growth, and so in that sense they are pivotal. Anything happening to upset this process has a profound and far reaching effect, particularly in regard to temperament and learning abilities.

The puberties are -

1st puberty occurring at 8 days of age. Is a very special period of change happening only once in the child life. The 1st circumcision is on the 8th day after birth and lasts for 21 days. The 8th day is precisely at the very time that the whole Endocrinal system is going through a very special phase of reshuffle.

2nd puberty is 7 to 9 years. Sexual differentiation & awareness is not complete before the 7th year.

3rd puberty occurs during age 10-17 years.

8. Kosher diet and hormones

Hormones have a direct influence on outlook and attitudes. The blood of animals, if eaten by a person, alters their thinking more in line with that of the animal hormones.

"There is something which you don't obviously know and which I am going to
tell you : The process of learning does not rest on the nervous system (brain, synapses connections, physico-chemical exchanges etc ) but on the
endocrinal system. "

The kosher diet is commonly practised by Jewish people for religious reasons.

HORMONAL PURITY or in clear to abstain from feeding to the growing children the blood of animals ( nerves, kidneys, levers etc ) which contains Hormones and therefore the basic codes of animal growth ! ... conducting then to tempering with the correct Human Genetic codes of the children. As simple as that BUT so difficult to discover and understand since taking the fraudulent Quacks ' medicine based on the nervous system pre-eminence over the endocrinal system at counter-foot !!!

"However the Jews haven't understood that the Kacherout in the present modern time is not enough to protect them and they die like flies like all the Goys of those "modern" diseases."

Jean-Paul maintains that kosher isn't the only requirement to remain disease free. Good health requires:

Kosher diet to avoid animal hormones,
Vaccinations contain animal hormones of chickens, cows and pigs, plus aluminium which helps towards alzheimers disease.
Avoid us of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which are poisons.
A more balanced outlook in tune with nature is desirable. Responsibility required for living rather than escaping, either through forgiving / forgetting or immunity / impunity, the consequences of crimes against the laws of life. "One cannot tamper with the Laws of Our Celtic God and Almighty Creator"

The hereditary Lords of Grande Bretagne, supposedly ate meat but prepared it in such a manner to eliminate hormones, by soaking in brine and throwing away the water, by not eating offal and such. This practice served them well.

"WITH ONE EXCEPTION THOUGH AND THIS IS THE ONE OF THE HEREDITARY LORDS OF GRANDE BRETAGNE ( who by the way ignore the real reasons for their acquired habits ) ... and this is why incidentally that the Grand Bretons Aristocracy who directed the affairs of Angleterre easily beat the French Aristocracy hocked into the Roman Hogs feeding & crude research of pleasure ! "

Incidentally, I recall from my studying of the macrobiotic diet (Chinese author, George Osowah (sp?), wrote many books on macrobiotic diet for health and wellbeing), that meat eating is the wrong food for a person. If a man is to become like a "thinking reed" he should abstaining from eating meat, although no mention is made of hormones.

9. Effects of circumcision on hormones

Reflexology, acupuncture and meridian points rely on a system where no part of the body works in isolation from another. One action can have a resulting effect somewhere totally unexpected to the casual observer. The idea that circumcision could have any effect on the endocrinal system seems a little weird initially. However, when some other sciences that rely on reflex actions are taken into account, this objection loses its validity. Acupuncture and reflexology are a couple of examples that demonstrate this concept.

Let's take a look at circumcision. Firstly, its purpose isn't based on anything scientific and there are all sorts of reasons given for its practice eg, hygiene, religion, aesthetics, custom, tradition, ritual. There doesn't seem to be a practical reason for a beneficial effect. The reasons for upholding the practice are lost in obscurity and only maintained because of custom, ritual religion etc.

Some points that Jean-Paul makes about circumcision:
Circumcision by reflex action, caused imbalance in the endocrinal system,
Imbalance of the endocrinal system is directly responsible for changes in temperament,
The hormonal changes directly affect genetics,
The effects on the hormonal system accumulate from generation to generation
There is a different effect according to at what age the circumcision takes place, as different glands are developing at different times.

... and this is what circumcision does, with immediate consequences on the genetic system.
It should be understood that the endocrinal system is the silent architect, conditioning both our appearance and all moral/intellectual possibility. The nervous system is subject of the endocrinal system and you do not learn through the brain, but thanks to the Hypophsis, Thyroid & Interstitial. The brain is only the seat of automatic innate or acquired reflex. "

Jean-Paul's comments,

"The Jew does not exist ! It is made up generation after generation through the endocrinal mutilation of the Interstitial ( or Genital Intern ) on the 1st day of the 1st puberty. In clear carrying on the 8th day after birth !"

The Khazars

The idea of circumcision on the 8th day, helps explain why the Khazars end up with the same temperament. The Khazars are a race of people who originated from the steppes of Asia, and took on the jewish religion in the 9th century, yet despite no genetic link, they display the same mental and moral characteristics.

"Genetically modified humans with a man-made atrophy of one gland and the hypertrophy of some other resulting :
Suprarenals ( violence, conquest ) ,
Hypophyses ( analytic / narrow-minded / iterative logic ),
Pineal ( atrophy of the higher centre of spirituality & power of synthetic logic ),
Thyroid ( gland of memory whose hypertrophy produces popping eyes syndrome & Down syndrome in the descent ) last but not least
Genital extern ( insatiable mating propensity, pornography, women slavery etc ). "

Pharoahs sons

"Now since we are at it, why not say a word about the children mutilations carried out by two of the JIC sects !!! Originally this was performed on the five days to the Pharaons' sons only and the aim was to make them impervious to Human suffering so as to be able to throw thousand of soldiers to certain death without a wink ! In this children mutilation is indeed an abomination and performed on the 8 days the results are still worse ... since this is the first day of the first puberty!!! "

10. Different races the result of hormonal manipulations

Hormonal manipulations through diet and circumcision. Animal hormones in the blood. Hormones rule over nerves and brain. Hormones can be influenced by animal blood, soil deficiencies, over-burden of minerals, or circumcision.

"THERE IS NO ARAB SLAMISTS OR JAWS .... or Chineses or Negros for that matter ... but only tampering with the Endocrinal system of the male with the Jews and muslims, with both the male & female in the case of the Negroes and previously with the Chinese with only with the female."

" ... All specific Ethnics features are the result of the Endocrinal system specific working..

"The key understanding further is that the Endocrinal system, has a direct & immediate influence upon the Genetic system."

"Should I give you the key to such understanding ? Well it is simple again when one knows the relation between blood = hormones = endocrinal system = genetic code."

"The root of the problem is in a genetic manipulation such as I have told you before and which people are completely unable to understand .

"Genetically modified humans with a man-made atrophy of one gland and the hypertrophy of some other resulting :
Suprarenals ( violence, conquest ),
Hypophyses ( analytic / narrow-minded / iterative logic )
Pineal ( atrophy of the higher centre of spirituality & power of synthetic logic )
Thyroid ( gland of memory whose hypertrophy produces popping eyes syndrome & Down syndrome in the descent )
last but not least Genital extern ( insatiable mating propensity, pornography, women slavery etc )

NB. You may understand that through such genetic knowledge, of which I have unveiled only a small part for you, it is easy to create any characteristic of the main Zemite sects. Further application would allow to make Negroes or Chinese, Japanese. The Negroes characteristic being of mutilating both male & female children, with the consequence extending then over seven generations!.

In any case just now you may find that such tampering does produce some results which, because I have told you about it , will allow you to open your eyes. It is very easy to transform the whole of NZ in Jews and starting now in 40 years it will achieved it has been done of the Khazar Empire of Huns & Mongols during the 9th century; The result are the present Ashkenazi's, who praying in front of the monolithic 500 tons stones basement of old Jerusalem, are convinced of their Semitic ancestry ! ... no doubt the same thing would happen in NZ too since the conviction of Mankind are just a matter of programmation at the earliest thyroid phase of growth !
That is before the child's 7th year or 2nd puberty ... afterwards you can do as you like ... no amount of convincing, except the most dramatic accident of life, will shake up his certitudes !

This matters which I am discussing freely with you, will not be found anywhere in the world, and although the True Geology, is an terrific example of synthesis and of a new understanding based on a basic Law which I call the Universal Pressure Law, that knowledge of tampering with the Human genetic code since roughly 8000 years for the benefit of the Egyptians High Priests & Pharaohs is far more difficult to penetrate, I can assure you !

The effects on other groups such as the muslims, christians and negros are caused by different ages of circumcision, whether carried out in male or female, and cacherout eugenics. Concerning the negro genetics -

"I have incidentally at home, on the page of a very special book on Endocrinology, written precisely by that French Endocrinologist who could bring back Mongoloid children to normality, four photos on one page.
The first is the one of a tall Caucasian type male of 20. The fourth of the one of a tall Negro type of 60. The two other photos are taken at periods in between and show the advance of the modification resulting of an Endocrinal disorder leading to a hypo-function of the Hypophysis ( the gland of intellectual reasoning )
The four photos are of the same man, and at 60 indeed you have all the characteristic of the Negro, which is not indeed a matter of colour of skin, but a matter of functions of the Endocrinal system and the atrophy of one !"

The negros apparently have a tradition of female circumcision on young girls, and so the effects of circumcision seem to operate equally through both sexes in causing changes. Different effects are caused in the races or groups by circumcision of male or females, or different ages of circumcision.

And the Chinese -

" ...and previously with the Chinese with only with the female."

??? (I don't seem to be able to find any reference to Chinese circumcision )

"Before leaving, I will teach you something relative to the Chinese !
You know of Mao Tseu Tung like the others, and obviously you understand that a very deep modification of the Chinese society is in the process now and as been since Mao Tseu Tung's time !
Like the others you believe in the superficial analysis ( politic, economic, technology transfer, education, food ) of the medias and so-called specialists of the subject. Don't you ?
see China, wanting to put men on the Moon and developing in all directions technologies which you estimate, before Communist rules, where not within the reach of the Chinese then ?
And you are right !
However China did not develop those technologies before and did not sink to the very level of misery/ famines etc it went through for ages willingly !
No !
Simply it could not do otherwise since having not the motor of development and will to achieve such development !!! ... that is something which is present now and which is of utmost importance and which will propel China as the leading force in the Century to come ! What is this reform which Mao Tseu Tung introduced unknowingly then and which has produced such immense results and which will have still most astounding results for China ! ...
Propelling it indeed to the first rank of Super Power of the World , well past the USA which is on the decadent state indeed, for reasons I will not discuss here now !
What is then that real Revolution operated in China, of which neither the Chinese nor any one in the world is conscious ?
Just to help you along, you may realise that the Chinese don't look too much Chinese anymore !"

"THERE IS NO ARAB SLAMISTS OR JAWS .... or Chineses or Negros for that matter _ infirming therein the pretensions of those Books of Evil ( the Toroh / Talmoood , Konar and Biball ) , but only tampering with the Endocrinal system of the male with the Jaws ( Egyptian High Priest & Traitor Moshe) & Slamists ( Mao Merde ) , with both the male & female in the case of the Negroes and previously with the Chinese with only with the female.

Incidentally this is the greatest of Chineses since Emperor FOU-HI ( the white Chinese Emperor Tsien-sse or Son of Heaven, born of of virgin Hoa-sse ) and the great Unifier of China Thsin-Chi-Hoang-Ti or Hoang-ti for short, NAMELY MAO TSEU TUNG that the most cruel mutilation of young baby female was stopped ... and that China took the path towards becoming the greatest country in the World "

11. How widespread is the practice of circumcision - male/female?

The official version of circumcision in the west is an operation performed for religious and/or hygienic reasons, and presenting only benefits for the population submitted to it. However, some other cultures perform circumcision on females. Reasons for circumcision are varied (ritual, hygiene, tradition, religion, etc)

10,000 (?) BCE Aboriginal tribes in central and desert regions of Australia introduce circumcision of boys as puberty rite

6000 (?) BCE Circumcision (male and female) practised as puberty rite by tribes in north-eastern African and Arabian peninsula

3100 BCE Egypt invaded from the south, perhaps by African tribes bringing circumcision with them.

2300 BCE Egyptian bas-relief which may show some form of genital mutilation being performed. The relief is eroded and hard to interpret. More
commonly seen as modern reconstruction. One interpretation is that it just shows the pubic hair being shaved. Contrary to some reports,
no circumcised mummies have been found, but some statues show what may be a superincision (cutting a slit in the upper side of the
foreskin, or dorsal slit).

Tribal Rites

Male circumcision appears widely among tribal peoples of Africa, the Malay Archipelago, New Guinea, Australia, and the Pacific islands. Some form of genital surgery was ritually performed on males or females among certain South and Central American Indian groups.

Circumcision is a much more ancient practice than Islam. It is more ancient than Judaism too - it was depicted in ancient Egyptian writings and pictures 5000 years ago. It was practiced by the non-Jewish inhabitants of north Africa and Asia Minor long before the birth of the prophet Mohammed.

Estimates of the proportion of males that are circumcised worldwide vary from one sixth[51] to one third[52].

12. Two pillars of Judeo, Islamic and Christian religions

Each of the Judeo, Islamic and christian religions are built on two pillars. "..indeed each of the JIC sects has two pillars! The religious hogwash discourse, being as said before, just a smokescreen to maintain the believers in step.

Judaism The two pillars of Judaism are the Genetic modification through a most detrimental action on the Endocrinal system,
aiming at the atrophy of the Genital Intern through the pratice of controlled haemoraghy on the 1st puberty _ right on
the 8th day indeed _ !!!
A thing presented to the stupid Goys as Circumcision !
... and then Eugenism through the Cacherout discipline.

1) Genetic tampering, generation after generation is making rightly the chosen race...a race suffering from an
unbalanced Endocrinal & Nervous system, and unable indeed of the Superior Faculty of Synthesis through willing
deprivation of one important Endocrinal hormone. Crawling indeed on the mad analysis linear thinking and seeing only
research at nauseum as the only resource to obtain answers !

2) Eugnenism through Cacherout giving it the tools of superficial & materialist success.... giving all satisfaction

Muslims The Islam rests really on two pillars which are :

1) Genetic modification through Endocrinal Tampering _ willingly represented as circumcision ... but in their case
going completely astray and producing in the contrary passivity and ignorance 2) An foiled attempt at hygienic practice
through the Allal code, but which goes there again completely astray since producing in fact sexual focused individuals
and alcoholics ! Indeed the Slamists ignore that mixing non-leaven bread associated with high intake of sugar is
conducting to alcoholic fermentation in the small intestine .

"Muslims alleged circumcision takes place on the 2nd puberty and hence lead to the atrophy of the Pineal gland, the
gland of spiritual awareness, by uncovering the protection of its reflex point on the glans ! This is why the muslims
are so dull & sad people ! They have lost that sparkling and brightness proper to high level people. They are fallen to
the instinctive level of animals and whatever they do, they will never invent nor create ... just beastly follow what
they are told !"

Xians "Both the Christians & Islamists are as well Hogs feeding type since the Allal obligation of cutting the throat of
animals they feed on, is light years away from the wisdom of the Kasherout Laws.
... and the Loving & Charity prone gutless Xians, what do they do to reach such ever low of surrendering their
standards ?

"Unable to see results of cause and effect, easy to manipulate and control with false teachings.
" This is why the mass of sheepish, toadish , sleepish Humanity does not react to the evidences presented by the True
Geology ! It has lost both its free will and free mind through both again the Zemite JIC Sects religious holy mind
programming and Universities brainwashing !"

"In my view this is the decoding of the Circumcision of the Iews, of the Slamist and rightly of the Xians ( through
very specific Psychological action by the priests and ministers involving inversion of normal moral responses to
aggression and self-defence + continual renouncement to normal Human behaviour + action of destructing though
no-rhythm music ( Gregorian by ex ) in association with bleating chants / hymns of surrendering ones will to others !"

The fear of god conditioning, fear of divine retribution, mind control of the priests and ministers + plus "hogs
feeding" diet.

Negros As for the Negroes they act on the Hypophysis and we see the result !

"THERE IS NO .... or Chinese or Negros for that matter ... but only tampering with the Endocrinal system of the male
with the Jaws (Egyptian High Priest & Traitor Moshe) & Slamists ( Mao Merde ) , with both the male & female in the
case of the Negroes and previously with the Chinese with only with the female.

13. History of hormonal manipulation

Circumcision has been practised for a long time, going back maybe 6000 years or more. The Celts have knowledge about it perhaps going back even longer.

Religion and manipulation of society.

Mankind has been manipulated to an atrocious extent by those who wish to keep humanity subjected to authoritarian rule. There is every reason to believe that all religions are basically manmade dogmas to keep people suppressed and living in fear and trembling under the control of the priests.

"... of course everything is done to roll the Goys in the flour, and this is that genetic manipulations which has been made up in a fraudulent religion since 2400 years!"

14. History

"I personally see those polytheist JIC (Judao, Islamic, Xian) sects as the representation of the Devil/Evil on Earth with their horrid mutilation of children in the Jews and Muslim sects, with such terrible consequence on the endocrinal level and following the moral and spiritual circumcision it produces in the victims!"

The first recorded holocaust (as recorded in the bible) was the murdering systematically the inhabitants of Canaan - all men, women and children slaughtered indiscriminately.

*** the Roman Empire and the consecutive introduction of those horrid warmonging sects into our learned and Nature respectful Civilisation

*** the betrayal of French King Clovis and the introduction in force of the Xians crude beliefs in Europe !

*** the overwhelming control of ALL world Universities - including Japanese and Chinese Universities

*** Aristotelian debased unnatural Against-Nature Philosophy plato

*** Circumcision performed on the five days to the Pharaons' sons only with the aim to make them impervious to human suffering so as to be able to throw thousand of soldiers to certain death without a wink

The Spanish/French inquisitions were orchestrated indeed by people mutilated on the first day of the first puberty ( Torquemada, St Dominique ) and so were the French Holocaust also
known as the French Revolution with his 10 millions victims and so was the Russian Holocaust also known as the Russian Revolution with his 80 millions victims in thousands of concentration camps right up to Polar Circle in Siberia and so was the Black Trade with his 11 millions victims.

As for the Muslins circumcision and since as usual they have understood nothing to the endocrinal problem/reason at the basis of it ... Indeed the Nazarean in an attempt to humanise the children sexual mutilation and cut the life losses resulting, performed on the 12th year BUT generated uncontrollable sexual urge and vice indeed to the point it has affected that whole JIC sect view on women... transforming those in pleasure or work slaves !
In fact the whole Muslins sect revolves on sex and the founder anyway had 7 women for his own as a result of the Nazarean erronous or should I say ignorance on matter well beyond their grasp !

PS Naturally the Khazar converts or Ashkenazies ( or fraudulent Iews ) who have no clues about those things are turned through that Endocrinal Atrophy _ misnamed willingly Circumcision _ in the most unbalanced mental defectives and lunatic indeed ! Producing as a result Holocausts galore, French Holocaust 10 millions / Russian Holocaust, 100 millions / Black Trade
Holocaust 11 millions / Hepatitis / Aids Holocaust 37 millions / Medical Research Holocaust 1 Billion animals and 250 millions victims of Chemical Drugs produced / Chemical Agriculture & Chemical consequences of it 10 000 Billions animals and 150 millions children victims of collateral damages in the world / Drug Traffic Holocaust 1 million / Whitening of dirty money nc
/ White Slavery and Children Slavery nc ! / the Port Arthur Holocaust 36 Goys / etc

... with the most terrible consequences of the French Holocaust ( also known as the French Revolution ) with its 10 millions death and the Russian Holocaust ( also known as the Russian Revolution ) with its 100 millions death + the triangular commerce or Black trade Holocaust with over 15 millions death, the White children Holocaust during the Dark ages, the White
Women holocaust through all ages and particularly now right in the Philistine land, the Ameridian holocaust through the 'water of fire' traffic, the present White powder or drug Holocaust bringing destruction to Celtic Nations !


All present alleged Jews in the world , Sharon and all, are of Khazar descent and therefore are simply Huns ! But the circumcision made them Jews with all the awful consequences for Humanity i.e. the French Holocaust with 10 millions death, the Russian Holocaust with 80 millions death and all the wars since 11000 years !!!

[ top ]


The basic question is what make people fanatics, greedy, preying, dull, stupid and mad ?

This is the question of importance, and all the Zemite sects' religious hogwash is just a smoke screen, to hide the genetic modification imposed by the 3 JIC (Judeo-Islamo-Christian) sects upon their children indeed

The key understanding which has never been expressed before is,

1) Tampering with the Endocrinal system has immediate repercussion onto the Nervous & Genetic system.

2) The atrophy of one of the endocrinal gland, upset immediately the functioning of the others, which compensate the lost function by hyper-development of all the functioning glands

3) The seat of intelligence; memory, aggressively, sexual impulse, logical & synthetic reasoning, inspiration / invention & spiritual awakening, IS NOT in the nervous system. It is in the Endocrinal system in fact with specific function related to all the Endocrines

4) The whole Quacks' system and especially at that, the Psy system of that Dr Fraud drug addict & sexual deviant of Vienna and his debased parasites followers, falls by the side indeed, since all the vicious interpretation that fraud gave to children's behaviour does not apply. Indeed sexual differentiation & awareness is not complete before the 7th year.

5) Racial traits are the result, not of alleged genetic heredity, but of the growth into the mother's womb. Heredity is for more than 90% made during pregnancy.
Teratology abounds in cases of children born looking like frogs, dogs or elephants .
Dow Syndrome & Myxodémateux children are born from Hyperthyroidian mothers
... born then with an atrophied Thyroid and the mere complementation of those children by Thyroid extract bring them back to normality for the end of the 3rd puberty at 16 or 17. If an endocrinal gland is too much prompted it goes in sleep or atrophy, if of course the Quacks 's & Disease Industry ignore such fact which are not generative of profits. Dow Syndrome & Myxodémateux is not due to anomaly of the 21st gene ( trisomic 21) but to a definitive atrophy of the Thyroid producing as a result the trisomic 21 genetic consequence.
In photos I have in my extensive scientific library, a white man of Caucasian type at 20, is shown with all the precise characteristics of a negro at 60 . In between there is a Disease according to the Quacks known as Acromegalie, but which is fact a Hyperfunction of the Hypophyse

6) There are not specific races on Earth, but only ethnies whose specific traits are modulated by the Endocrinal system. All Chinese by ex. have a Hypo function of the Thyroid due to stung interference with the liver function by their specific diet.
In India there is a whole village population who exactly the same : men, women, children, young, middle age and old people alike. The water feeding that community has a very content in Cobalt.
Unborn children exposed to their mother 's internal fluids pollution are at risk. Mercury pollution in the teeth of the mother with the pile / electrolytic effect coupled with lead & silver is the real cause of Autism ( unknown by the Quacks of course)
Pollution by organo-phosphorus pesticides used on cattle is the cause of Mad Cow Disease and Shaking Disease in sheep, and produces as a result Alzheimer disease in Humans (unknown by the Quacks of course)

NB Another intelligence of Man' real working along that superior approach, makes it possible to cure Cancer, Brain Tumour, AIDS in less than 5 days, Arthritis, Thrombosis, Arteriosclerosis, heart diseases in very much the same time scale of 5 days up to a few weeks. Such fatal diseases become to the superior mind aware of the Laws of Nature, ridiculous hurdles into which are rightly plunged Humanity, because of its disregard & contempt for said Divine Laws.

These above are just a few example and an introduction for what will follow.

All are aware indeed of the Intrinsic hate the 3 Zemite JIC (Judeo-Islamo-Christian) sects have for each others .
The Zews, the Slamits and the Xians have typical traits and the literature on that subject abounds indeed, the contribution of "infidel", to whom I am replying, illustrates what I am saying.
It will go to the end of time, and each one of the Sects '

Zews 's mutilation of their children on the 1st day of the 1st puberty ( 8th day after birth) by destroying the Interstitial, or Genital intern with the consequences of the hyperfunction of all other endocrines, created then the famous chosen race ! Conducting to the typical physical & mental traits of the Zews.
As a note, the complete population of the Causase, the Khazars, was transformed in Zews in the 9th century following the conversion of the Kazan ( or King of such). From the immediate mutilation of new-born Khazar children following was established another chosen race in Caucase then which is known now as the Ashkenazi. It has all the characters of the Sepharades Zews who are rightly of zemite descent, but the Ashkenazy converts are in fact more religious as the others indeed ! What can be noted in the Zews as the result of the mutilation, are their popping eyes indicating a Thyroid disfunction ( hyperfunction) with the immediate consequences on the nervous system. etc

Slamists 's mutilation of their children on the 2nd puberty (from 7th year ) with the consequences of atrophy of the Pineal, by discovering at a later age the reflex zone of the glan. Creating further a permanent erection syndrome in the male, with permanent prompting of the Genital extern, and consequent weakening of the Thyroid ! ... all this giving the Slamists typical physical and moral traits, particularly at that their crass ignorance of their conditions and the reason for it.

Furthermore, the Slamists have a particularity of shunning alcohol and wine , while being in fact permanent alcoholics. Indeed their weakened pancreatic funtion produced as well from the mutilation results in a bad management of sugar & insulin then. Hence the propensity of Slamists for non-leven pasta and enormous quantity of chemical sugar in their diet. The clear result is to upset the normal intestinal lactic fermentation, and to lead to most potent Alcoholic fermentation. So the Slamists do not drink alcohol, they make it !!! ... and through their very diet, with cirrhosis galore in such population, puffed up body, bad breath, white tongue and of course abominable intestinal gases resulting from their own Mobile Alcohol Still ...Although further Slamists do not eat Hogs, they do eat like the Xians, like Hogs indeed

Xians 's mutilation of their children although more subtle is somehow as well very insidious. It goes through the Hogs s like feeding specific of that degenerated sect of blood drinkers. Well in the blood of animals are contained the Hormones specific of such cow, sheep, hogs, snails etc which the Christians feed on. Anything is good as long a palatable, research of food pleasure is typical of Xians society !
Unfortunately the Xians children bear the awful consequences of such debased and ignorant way of living... with the typical Coward trait of Christian society. Their propensity to lay low, to crawl in front of authority, to accept as gospel truth anything spoken sufficiently loud & strong!!

(to be continued)

...indeed each of the JIC sects has two pillars, and we have considered
only the 1st ! The religious hogwash discourse, being as said before, just
a smokescreen to maintain the believers in step.

Jean-Paul Turcaud


The following excerpt is from an article and reveals some more details of chakra development and hormones.

Cut Off From Our Souls: The End of Humanity?
by John Kaminski

"Why the Jewish baby boys are circumcised on the eighth day?

The secret to this lies in the occult knowledge. Levites possess that knowledge.

And incidentally, they do not perform circumcision on their own babies, they do that only to their "livestock" - the Jews.

During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew.
In other words - a circumcised Jew is only half a person - with mutilated soul and brain.
Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed.
We have all seen that religious Jews wear a skull cap. The meaning of it is very profound - that skull cap covers the highest, seventh human chakra - Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head.
The Jews close it, thus cutting themselves off the Cosmos.

Note that the Catholic Pope and the highest Catholic priests also wear skull caps.
If you try to talk with a circumcised Jew about philosophy, you would encounter such fanaticism, that it would be senseless to continue the conversation. That's what it means to be dealing with a bio-robot!
Chakra of the third eye is not developed among contemporary Europeans, in this respect the Jews are no different from the others. But in ancient times this Chakra was well developed among a much greater percentage of people.
One of the most important human chakras is Anahata (heart). Practically all normal people feel it.

Probably every language has an expression, "I can feel it with my heart." And it is true that people can feel many things with their heart.
It can feel trouble, suffer, feel pains of conscience, shame, to feel fear, to love, to hate, to feel compassion, pity, to be able to commiserate, to feel good and evil . A person without a developed heart Chakra is rude, compassionless, "heartless." All circumcised Jews are like that.
If you try to tell the circumcised Jew about these feelings, he would not understand you. He would think that you are either a fool or an actor. It is probably similar to trying to describe colors to a color-blind person.
It should be noted that Jesus from Nazareth, who called himself Christ, was also a Jew, who was circumcised on eighth day. (Luke 2:21)"

The Endocrinal Orientation of Paleotechnology

The principal difference between ancient technologies and present-day methods of correcting and treating disorders lies in their endocrinal orientation. In other words, the pyramids, temple complexes and Wands of Horus were conceived and designed in such a way as to attune themselves to the human organism, amplifying the signals of the endocrinal system long that regulate all the life functions of the organism. In order to understand what lay behind such an approach we shall look again at how the human organism is constructed.

Being a projection of the energy structure of the Creator (ON), the nine energy bodies of the Universe formed by the flows of BA-KA energy take part in the formation (in the image and likeness) of the nine energy bodies of the human being. Each energy body carries within it the matrix of a particular system of the organism with its own energy centre (chakra) in the endocrinal system. (See Appendix 17).

In order to picture the scope of the processes controlled by the endocrinal system, let us examine the general (principal) structure of the elements involved.
The first energy body contains the matrix for the system of energy canals with an energy centre (charka) in the prostate gland for men and the ovaries for women.
The second energy body contains the matrix of the peripheral nervous system, with a chakra in the adrenal glands.
The third contains the matrix of the central nervous system with an energy centre in the pancreas.
The chakra of the fourth energy body is the thymus.
That of the fifth is the thyroid.
The chakras of the sixth and seventh are the hypothalamus and pituitary (hypophysis).

As you have no doubt already noticed, all these energy centres or chakras are directly associated with the endocrinal system. Each of the seven glands is a projection of the corresponding energy centre in the physical body. The exceptions are the eighth and ninth energy centres that have no projections in the endocrinal system, but are nonetheless in close interaction with it.

Further commentary on the practice of circumcision

The most important text in the Jewish Bible reports a monologue in which God orders Abraham to perform circumcision. In this text, God says to Abraham:

"I will establish my covenant between me and you, and your offspring after you throughout their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you. And I will give to you, and to your offspring after you, the land where you are now an alien, all the land of Canaan, for a perpetual holding; and I will be their God.

"God said to Abraham, "As for you, you shall keep my covenant, you, and your offspring after you throughout their generations. This is my covenant, which you shall keep between me and you and your offspring after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised. You shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and you. Throughout your generations every male among you shall be circumcised when he is eight days old, including the slave born in your house and the one bought with your money from any foreigner who is not of your offspring.

"Both the slave born in your house and the one bought with your money must be circumcised. So shall my covenant be in your flesh an everlasting covenant. Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant[3].

This text contains three linked concepts which are problematic to our modern conception of moral behavior:

The concept of an elected people, which is a racist concept;

The concept of giving the land of Canaan to the Jews, which is an act of theft; and

The concept of circumcision, which is a mutilating practice.

According to this and other Biblical texts, male circumcision is an obligatory practice with terrible consequences, the most important being the "cutting off from the people": "Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people"[4].

Now, what does the New Testament say about male circumcision?

From the four Gospels, only the Gospel of St. Luke reports that Jesus was circumcised "when eight days were fulfilled"[5]. We find a similar reference in this Gospel about the circumcision of John the Baptist[6]. Such an event means that both were victims of male circumcision, as are many hundreds of millions of children. Nobody can deduce from this event that Christians should be circumcised as Jesus, otherwise one could also deduce that every Christian has to be crucified as Jesus.

We find a condemnation of male circumcision in the Gospel of Thomas, an apocrypha. According to this Gospel, the disciples of Jesus asked him "whether circumcision is useful or not?". Jesus answered: "If circumcision was useful, then the Father would have created them circumcised from the womb of their mothers. The circumcision which is useful and is the truth, is the circumcision of the soul"[7].

Other links

Where did circumcision begin?

How did life begin on planet earth? One school of thought takes the line that there has been a history of extraterrestrial involvement. Others may prefer to take the evolution view that man evolved out of the slime and that's their prerogative. However, well known author of many things spiritual, Lobsang Rampa, claims that extraterrestrials watched earth form and waited until the planet was ready, then "the gardeners of the universe" planted life on the planet and have cultivated it ever since.

The following link talks about a renogade alien, Jehovah - the one who demanded circumcision of his followers, who cloned Adam and Eve using his own genes.

Jesus and jehovah

"This Awareness suggests there was a deficiency in the gene of Jehovah, which, while helping this entity to be a good scientist, did not allow the entity to understand qualities of mercy and universal oneness. This Awareness indicates the entity as having been vain and self-centered -- a megalomaniac. This Awareness indicates the entity as having passed this on to his followers, to his duplicates, Adam and Eve, and through them to others of the Hebrew group, and that many of these entities while being artistic and adept at dealing with material physics and materialism, did not have certain qualities which linked them to the Immortal Realm, and therefore many of these entities adopted the philosophy of atheism, not believing that immortality actually existed."

And this link talks about a Lord who made laws which were impossible to comply with because they were contradictory.

Getting History Straight ... The Ten Commandments

"This Awareness indicates that in reading the Old Testament following the Ten Commandments, entities will notice several conflicting expressions or commands, whereby the Lord, in one breath, commands that entities do this, and in another verse, commands that just the opposite behavior is appropriate. This Awareness indicates this inconsistency in the application of the law made Jehovah, one who could make laws and break laws, to be seen as an all-powerful God who was not even bound by his own word, by his own law.

"The God who says 'Thou shalt not kill', yet Himself slays the enemies of his people or demands a blood sacrifice of the first born,--this Awareness indicates this as an action which was seen by these followers as a God of vengeance, power, and one who was above his own law; therefore to be feared."

Excerpted from

The Hollow Earth
By Dr. Raymond Bernard A.B., M.A. Ph.D.
First published 1964

There is no old age in Agharta and no death. It is a society in which everyone is young looking, even if many centuries or even thousands of years of age. This seems incredible to surface dwellers exposed to the harmful effects of solar radiation and the autointoxication of food poisoning from a wrong diet. The symptoms of old age are not the natural result of the passage of time nor an assumed aging process, but to adverse biological conditions and habits. Senility is a disease; and since Aghartans are free from disease, they do not grow old.

The superior scientific culture of the subterranean people, of which their flying saucers are an evident example, is the result of superior brain development and more energetic brains. This is due to the fact that their vital energies flow up to their brain, rather than being dissipated through the sexual channel as among so-called "civilized" surface races. In fact, sex indulgence is completely out of their lives, because of their fruit diet, their endocrines are in a state of perfect balance and harmonious functioning, as in little children, and are not stimulated to abnormal activity by metabolic toxins, as produced by such foods as meat, fowl, fish and eggs and by such aphrodisiacs as salt, pepper, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. By keeping their blood-stream pure and free from toxins, the subterranean people are able to live in complete continence, conserving all vital energies and converting them into superior brain power. Their superior scientific achievements result from the fact that their brains are superior to ours in intellectual development.


Notice the gruff way this woman handles a vulnerable newborn, with ZERO tenderness or sensitivity and an absolute disregard for the well-being of the child. She poured half of a bottle of toxic, chemical-ridden shampoo onto the baby's head, no doubt causing burning of the eyes and definitely causing the baby to be exposed to POISON from the shampoo. This completely brutal and absolutely unnecessary bath with prevent the baby from being able to bond with its own mother as the stench of the chemicals will mask the natural, exquisite scent of the baby's own body and pheromones, causing the mother not to recognize her own child.

Primeiro banho na Maternidade

Compare the above violence to the absolute beauty and tenderness of this type of newborn bathing.

Gêmeos nascem e não percebem que nasceram (Oficial Completo HD)


Friends, on September 9th, I posted a blog inquiring as to whether the dark ones might be using vaccines to spread the EV-D68 virus to American children. No sooner did I ask that question that my friend, Patrick Jordan, helped me uncover a PATENT for something called the "Picornavirus." Interestingly, in that patent, HEV 68 is directly mentioned. You can read more about this here:

Next, I discovered an article claiming that children who were never vaccinated are immune to the EV-D68 virus. This definitely falls into the category of "things that make you go hmmmmmm."

Today I found evidence to indicate that the evil ones are delivering the EV-D68 virus through the polio vaccine. Several children with the EV-D68 virus have developed "polio-like" paralysis.

And oh, by the way, the polio vaccine CAUSED 47,000 cases of polio paralysis in 2011 alone!!!

"...You only have to look to oral polio vaccine to understand the dangers of the vaccine model. In 2011, the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics published a study revealing that vaccine strain polio is twice as lethal as wild-type, and has been identified to cause over 47,000 cases of polio-associated paralysis in 2011 alone..."

It seems crystal clear to me that VACCINES ARE BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. Please protect yourself and your children. DO NOT VACCINATE.

Source Article:
Virus investigated after Colorado kids develop paralysis

NEW YORK -- Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ - enterovirus 68 - was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.

The virus can cause paralysis but other germs can, too. Health officials don't know whether the virus caused any of the children's arm and leg weaknesses or whether it's just a germ they coincidentally picked up.

"That's why we want more information," and for doctors to report similar cases, said the CDC's Dr. Jane Seward.

The cases occurred within the last two months. All nine children are being treated at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, and most are from the Denver area.

All had fever and respiratory illness about two weeks before developing varying degrees of limb weakness. None seems to have a weak immune system or other conditions that might predispose them to severe illness, but the cases are still being investigated, Seward said. Investigators don't think it's polio - eight of the nine children are up to date on polio vaccinations.

The cases come amid an unusual wave of severe respiratory illness from enterovirus 68. The germ is not new - it was first identified in 1962 and has caused clusters of illness before, including in Georgia and Pennsylvania in 2009 and Arizona in 2010. Because it's not routinely tested for, it's possible the bug spread in previous years but was never distinguished from colds caused by other germs.

This year, the virus has gotten more attention because it has been linked to hundreds of severe illnesses. Beginning last month, a flood of sick children began to hit hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chicago - kids with trouble breathing, some needing oxygen or more extreme care such as a breathing machine. Many - but not all - had asthma before the infection.

The CDC has been testing a limited number of specimens from very sick children around the country, and as of Thursday reported 277 people in 40 states and the District of Columbia with enterovirus 68. So far no deaths have been attributed to the virus, but Seward said 15 still are being investigated.

Health officials know enterovirus can cause paralysis. Published reports count at least two U.S. children who were paralyzed and died and were found to have the virus in their spinal fluid. One was a New Hampshire 5-year-old who died in 2008. Details are scant on the second case, which happened many years earlier.

Earlier this year, Stanford University researchers said they had identified polio-like illnesses in about 20 California children over about 18 months. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68. CDC officials say it's still not clear if the virus was a factor in those cases.

Paralysis is a rare complication of enterovirus 68 infection, but with so many more cases of enterovirus being reported this year, it may not be surprising to see that problem, said Dr. Larry Wolk, chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The CDC is asking doctors to report patients 21 or younger who developed limb weakness since August 1 and who have had an MRI exam that showed abnormalities in the nerve tissue in the spinal cord.

Seward said a test that showed the germ in a patient's spinal fluid would be good evidence that the virus was causing paralysis. Unfortunately, lab tests of spinal fluid often fail to identify bugs like enterovirus 68, even if they're present, she added.
Source Article:
Millions of Children Infected with 'Vaccine Safety Experts' Rotateq Vaccine: Dr. Paul Offit

Paul Offit says you can safely administer 10,000 vaccines to infants at once. But he also profits from the patent he holds for the Rotateq vaccine. What's wrong with this picture?

Dr. Paul Offit is a pediatrician who co-invented a rotavirus vaccine (trade name Rotateq), who once stated in interview that a child can be administered 100,000 vaccines safely at once (later revised to 10,000). A professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, he is the darling of the mainstream media and a widely cited self-appointed 'vaccine safety expert,' despite the glaring conflict of interest implied by such a designation.

Unfortunately for Dr. Offit (not so affectionately named Dr. Profit), a 2010 study published in Journal of Virology revealed that his multi-million dollar grossing patent on the Rotateq vaccine contains a live simian retrovirus (with a 96% match of certainty) that has likely infected millions of children over the past few years with a virus that causes great harm. Retrovirus infections are permanent, and can carry on indefinitely into future generations. In other words, once they are inserted into the human genome they can not be removed. View the entire PDF here.

Moreover, a 2014 study published in Advances in Virology found Dr. Offit's vaccine contains a "a baboon endogenous virus strain M7...likely due to the monkey cell line in which RotaTeq was produced from." View the entire PDF here.

In order to grasp the dire significance of these findings, you might want to familiarize yourself with the history of adventitious viruses in so-called attenuated or live vaccines. These contain the actual disease vector they are supposed to prevent. While considered "weakened," their process of manufacture often make them more adaptable to the host within which they are injected. Many rounds of passage through human and animal cells often makes these vaccines far more dangerous than the natural 'wild-type' infections that we encounter naturally. You only have to look to oral polio vaccine to understand the dangers of the vaccine model. In 2011, the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics published a study revealing that vaccine strain polio is twice as lethal as wild-type, and has been identified to cause over 47,000 cases of polio-associated paralysis in 2011 alone. This was the vaccine launched by the Dali Lama himself, who apparently has no clue as to the harm caused by these interventions.

The theory is that by infecting healthy bodies with them you generate an immune response – validated by elevated antibody titers, regardless of their affinity to the pathogen – that results (in theory) in increased protection. Regardless of the justification for using monkey cells for vaccine production, monkey retroviruses contaminate the vaccines nonetheless. By unintentionally infecting healthy infants with these viruses you are making them sick. Retroviruses use reverse transcriptase – a viral enzyme – to insert pathogenic genetic information into healthy cells, effectively converting them into virus-manufacturing factories. And no matter what your medical philosophy is, monkey viruses have no justifiable place in a healthy human body.

For context, consider the deleterious role of a previous monkey virus – simian virus 40 (SV40) – in the polio vaccination campaigns. This 'hidden' cancer-causing virus infected millions of unsuspecting polio vaccine recipients during the initial polio eradication campaigns. Not only is it cancer-causing, but it is passed down transgenerationally. Merck's senior vaccine scientist confessed in interview as to the damage these SV-40 contaminated vaccines did to millions of unsuspecting victims, including causing cancer. These vaccines did untold damage to the following infected generations, leaving a legacy of untold pain and suffering in millions of offspring whose parents unwittingly succumbed to one of the most dangerous biological experiments in human history. Watch this video to learn the horrific truth about the unintended, adverse effects of polio vaccination.

Retroviruses are just as serious. HIV for instance, is a retrovirus whose phylogenetic lineage also comes from a monkey virus: simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). Offit's Rotateq vaccine should be pulled from the market, considering it contains live viruses that are capable of infecting the bodies of those within which they are injected. For information on the exploding epidemic caused by hidden viruses in vaccines, read Judy Mikovits' incredible new book "Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and Other Diseases." It's a must read!

The significance of these findings cannot be underestimated. Rotavirus infections are a natural rite of passage for the developing immune system. In developed nations, where nutrition, hygiene and sanitation are up to par, infection from childhood pathogens normally proceed without morbidity or mortality – lest the infant/child is already immunocompromised. In fact, rotavirus challenges result in lasting immunity and provide the justification ultimately for the vaccinology model, which draws from the normal (arguably millions of years old) experience of overcoming infection, constructing a model of vaccine-induced immunity upon this natural fact.

Paul Offit, the patent holder of the Rotateq vaccine is morally obligated to call for an immediate halt of the use of his vaccine in infants and children. Unless he wishes to be responsible for the harms associated with injecting them with live monkey viruses, he must step forward now to ask for a review of the safety of these vaccines.

Failing to do so makes him culpable in the harm of millions of children that he personally profits from infecting with retroviruses.

Enough is enough. The facts are clearly available for anyone with an 'evidence-based' bent to ascertain. The credibility of the entire vaccination schedule is on the line. Dr. Offit is likely uneducated about the iatrogenic risks associated with this pharmaceutical product, but new research clearly shows that the unintended, adverse effects may outweight the purported benefits. It is time to take a closer look at what if any benefit vaccines have, given their clearly documented risks.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Mind-control sex slave or not, this song is beautiful and powerful!!! Totally worth watching and listening to.

We Are Here

Thursday, September 25, 2014


OMG -- I wonder if things can get any worse. Here we have the satanic scientists who work for the NIH (National Institute of Health) repeatedly torturing infant monkeys and laughing as the babies scream in desperation for relief. In one of their psychopathic experiments, they paralyze and anesthetize a mother monkey who has been imprisoned in a cage with her infant, and they put tape over the mother's nipples so the baby cannot get any relief from it's mother. Then the satanists/scientists watch as the baby desperately tries to revive its mother or get some type of response from the mother so that the the infant will know the mother is alive. As the baby screams in terror, the satanists/scientists laugh.

Please explain to me why it is that Americans -- and the whole of the western world -- hold science in high esteem. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!! WE NEED TO STAND UP AND STOP THESE ATROCITIES AND MAKE SURE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SADISTIC MOTHER-FUCKERS INVOLVED IN THIS TYPE OF EVIL ARE EXTINGUISHED! Granted, these "people" have probably had the same type of thing done to them by their own satanic families, but I don't give a shit. These bloodlines are evil and rotten to the core. They must be eliminated.

Please sign the petition, for whatever it's worth. And then DO SOMETHING TO MAKE THIS STOP.


This is not the first time I have written about this topic, and I am sure it will not be the last. It is imperative for people to understand that the multi-billion dollar organ donation industry is a complete scam. Based on an interview I did in 2013 with Dr. Paul Byrne, 80-year-old neonatologist blowing the whistle on the dark side of hospitals, it became clear that the concept of "brain death" is a complete fabrication conjured up for the sole purpose of legitimizing the murder of living people in order to harvest their organs. These people (who often end up in hospitals as a result of car accidents or drug overdoses or the like) are given paralysis drugs during organ removal -- BUT NO ANESTHESIA!!! Medical staff are literally cleaving open the chests of these innocent people and tearing out their organs, one by one, leaving the heart for last, after which point they are, of course, dead.

People involved in organ donation are committing outright murder and it is extremely important for everyone to become aware of this issue and protect their loved ones. These innocent victims are not just being murdered. They are being literally tortured to death at the hands of medical sadists and they are having their bodies mangled and mutilated in what can only be perceived as a satanic ritual of the most brutal kind.

Here is a link to the radio show I did with Dr. Byrne in July 2013 and below is an article about a lawsuit filed in 2012 by Patrick McMahon, a former transplant coordinator for the "New York Organ Donor Network." Mr. McMahon asserts that hospitals are being pressured to steal organs from people who are not dead. The truth is -- organs are never harvested from people who are dead. According to Dr. Byrne, they are ALWAYS harvested from living people because this is the only way to get functional organs for transplantation.

What is happening in hospitals is indeed a form of satanic ritual murder, replete with people being tortured to death and having their organs and blood harvested for very dark purposes. If you have any doubt about what I am sharing here, please check out the work of Kerth Barker and especially his book about blood drinking and cannibalism at the highest levels of the illuminati.

It's wakey wakey time people. This is no joke. If you do not want to be tortured to death by medical sadists, SAY NO TO ORGAN DONATION!!! Evil is still evil by any other name.

BNE Radio Show with guest Dr. Paul Byrne

Source Article:
Patrick McMahon, Whistleblower, Claims Organ Donor Network Harvested From Living Patients

Patrick McMahon, a former transplant coordinator for the nonprofit New York Organ Donor Network, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday in which he claimed that hospitals were pressured to harvest organs from patients who were not yet dead.

"They're playing God," McMahon told the New York Post.

According to McMahon's lawsuit, the federally funded nonprofit bullied hospital staffers into prematurely declaring patients brain dead so that their organs could be taken, hired coaches to train staff on how to persuade next of kin to sign over their relatives' bodies, and used an aggressive quota system to meet goals.

Julia Rivera, a spokeswoman for the Organ Donor Network, told Post that McMahon’s claims of a quota system were "ridiculous," insisting that "There are no quotas."

However, McMahon's suit cites four examples for the questionable practices, including one in which a 19-year-old car crash victim was declared dead, even though he was "still trying to breathe and showed signs of brain activity."

For more details on the lawsuit, visit the New York Post.

McMahon was fired four months into his role as a transplant coordinator for protesting the organization's policies. One donor network employee called him "an untrained troublemaker with a history of raising frivolous issues and questions," the lawsuit charges.

Despite the abuses alleged by the suit, organ donations are in high demand in the United States.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 115,000 Americans are currently waiting for an organ, and 18 people die every day while waiting. One donor can save the lives of up to eight people.

ABC News reports that organ donation received a bump earlier this year following the introduction of a new feature on Facebook that allows users to share their donor status.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, individuals who are brain dead can be organ donors and their organs can be used for transplantation. However, a person can only be declared braid dead after medical tests show a complete loss of brain function.

Brain death occurs when all brain activity has stopped permanently, the person is in a coma, and the person is no longer breathing, USA Today notes. It's unlike a vegetative state, and it also differs from a coma.

Source Article:
Horror: Patient Wakes Up Hospital While Doctors Try to Harvest Her Organs for Transplant Profits

I’ve warned readers about this several times over the last decade: Do NOT become an organ donor! Although you may wish to help others out of the goodness of your (literal) heart, the sinister truth is that doctors routinely harvest organs from LIVING patients right here in the USA.

And here’s yet more proof. This true story will astound you.

Waking up on the organ harvesting table…

A woman named Colleen Burns recently opened her eyes to find herself on an operating table in a hospital in Syracuse, NY. Looking around, she noticed that she was the subject of the operation. It turns out doctors were about to harvest her organs and send them to other waiting surgeons who would transplant them into other patients.

This isn’t fiction. It was covered by ABC News and several other news sources. It really happened.

And how did it happen? Doctors falsely pronounced her dead by fraudulently claiming she had suffered “cardiopulmonary arrest” and “irreversible brain damage.” This gave them the medical justification to start slicing away even while the woman’s heart was still beating.

This is a big “holy crap I didn’t know that” fact about organ donations: Doctors don’t wait until you’re really dead. At least not by any normal definition of “dead.”

See, you and I think “dead” means your heart isn’t beating, your brain isn’t functioning, and you’re lifeless. But hospitals — which happen to generate huge profits from the trade of transplant organs – have a strong financial incentive to declare you “medically dead” long before you’re actually lifeless.

They can, in fact, declare you “dead” even when your heart is still beating and you still have brain activity. And they often do. This is how a lot of the organ harvesting in America actually gets done: patients that are on the verge of death (but not yet actually dead) are simply “declared” dead, then their organs are quickly removed, killing them for good.

It’s a crime that takes place every day in America, where U.S. hospitals have been caught over and over again engaging in black market organ trafficking.

Read: U.S. Hospitals Secretly Promote Black Market Trading of Harvested Organs for Transplants

A multi-billion-dollar industry

Organ trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Wealthy people around the world are always in need of new kidneys, new livers, new hearts and other body parts.

And guess who makes the money on all these organ transplants? The doctors, hospitals and drug companies, of course. Organ transplants are a hugely profitable industry — largely because they get the organs for free. Patients who are killed by these doctors are never paid for their organs. The fact that they “donate” them actually means they are donating their immensely valuable organs to a for-profit system that’s going to earn potentially millions of dollars off the organs of a single donor.

So while the donor patient gets murdered for his or her organs, the doctors engaged in organ removal and organ transplants get wealthy. Transplant recipients and health insurance companies pay huge dollars for organ transplant surgeries, and the profits are ongoing because transplant recipients must also pay for a long course of organ transplant anti-rejection drugs, all priced at monopoly prices (of course).

Truth be told, the organ transplant industry is all about money — at any cost. It’s about killing patients who might otherwise survive in order to take their organs and make millions of dollars transplanting them into other patients… patients who typically only have a few months to live even after the transplant.

Read: Global organ harvesting a booming black market business; a kidney harvested every hour.

Transplanted organs are often damaged or infested with disease

Here’s another dirty little trick the organ transplant industry will never tell you: The organs that are transplanted into other patients are often fatally damaged and full of infectious diseases.

As yet more proof of this, take the case of Colleen Burns, mentioned above. She tried to commit suicide by taking a toxic combination of prescription medications. According to the doctors, this toxic cocktail of chemicals was fatal, and it killed her (they pronounced her dead).

Yet, simultaneously, they still insisted her organs were healthy enough to transplant into another patient! That’s why they almost began harvesting them.

In other words, even organs that doctors know are heavily damaged with toxic chemical cocktails will still be transplanted into other patients! (This is 100% true.)

But it’s even worse than that…

Transplant organs often riddled with disease: hepatitis, stealth viruses, mad cow disease and more

There are effectively zero quality standards in the organ transplant industry. If the organ still functions at any level, it’s “good enough” to be slapped into a transplant patient even though that organ might actually kill them.

One of the reasons organ transplant patients often die so quickly after receiving transplants is because the organs they often receive are ticking time bombs of disease.

Introducing a diseased heart or kidney into someone’s body, for example, can suddenly infest that person with hundreds or even thousands of viruses and blood-borne illnesses that quickly overcome their weakened immune systems. This is made even worse by the anti-rejection drugs which, by definition, cause extreme suppression of immune function.

So at the exact time that new diseases are being introduced into the transplant recipient’s body, their immune system is being undermined by anti-rejection drugs. Not surprisingly, this is a recipe for disaster, and that’s one reason why so many patients die so quickly after receiving “donor” organs.

Iraq war veteran killed by cancer-ridden transplant lungs

As an example of what I just described above, in 2009, an Iraq war veteran named Matthew Millington was given a lung transplant using lungs that were riddled with a fast-growing cancer.

Not surprisingly, he died less than 10 months later. Did all the organ transplant doctors and surgeons give him a refund for their botched procedure? Of course not! Organ transplants do not come with warranties, and you’re often given a diseased, damaged or heavily infested organ that’s going to kill you. (But you still gotta pay up!)

There are roughly 100,000 people waiting for organ transplants in the USA right now. But there are only a fraction of that number of organs available in any given year, so doctors are under intense pressure to 1) harvest organs from people who aren’t yet dead, and 2) use ANY organs they can find, even organs that are riddled with disease.

Again, these are the dirty little secrets of the organ transplant industry that you’ll never be told by any doctor. Expect to hear nothing but denials if you ask organ transplant doctors about any of this.

More healthy organ donors “need to suddenly die”

The other challenge the transplant industry faces is that healthy people who take care of their organs through nutrition and exercise simply don’t tend to die very often. The kind of people most likely to die (and therefore most like to donate organs) are alcoholics, drug addicts and people who are obese and diseased. Therefore, those are the kind of organs that end up being available for transplant: nasty “fatty” livers and cancerous lungs, for example.

Ideally, the organ transplant industry would like to see a lot of young, healthy people getting decapitated in military training exercises or automobile accidents. That would supply a fresh supply of healthy organs that might actually be worth transplanting. In China, of course, this is why Falun Gong members are routinely arrested and imprisoned: they eat super-healthy diets and so have high-grade organs that can be profitably harvested from political prisoners there.

The practice of arresting people, imprisoning them and sometimes even murdering them for their organs is a lot more widespread than you think. How do you suppose Steve Jobs got a new liver so quickly, even while thousands of other people were waiting for one? He bought it. Gee, do you really think Steve Jobs stood in line like everyone else and then magically a liver appeared for him much faster than for anyone else?

Presumed consent

There is a push under way around the world to harvest organs from everyone who doesn’t explicitly say no. These laws are called “presumed consent” laws, and they exist only to provide a fresh supply of human organs to generate billions of dollars in profits for the sick, criminal-minded organ transplant industry.

As a 2011 article in the British Medical Journal explains, these “presumed consent” laws mean doctors can start harvesting the organs of your wife, your children or other loved ones without even asking family members for permission!

As the BMJ article explains:

Presumed consent is alternatively known as an ‘opt-out’ system and means that unless the deceased has expressed a wish in life not to be an organ donor then consent will be assumed. This can be divided into what is known as a ‘hard opt-out’ where the family are not consulted.

There’s even a website about this — — which uses a lot of flowery language and feel-good imagery to hide the fact that it’s pushing for doctors to pronounce more patients “dead” and take their organs so that the organ transplant industry can make a few billion more dollars each year.

What we’re talking about here is coercive organ harvesting in order to feed the organ trafficking and transplant industries.

Think about that the next time some clueless paper-pusher asks you at the DMV, “Do you want to be an organ donor?”

Just answer: “No thanks. I prefer that doctors actually try to keep me alive.”

Don’t give doctors any incentive to kill you. They already kill enough patients even when they aren’t trying.

Trust me on this: say NO to organ donation. If you really want to help people, teach them to protect the organs God already gave them through superfoods, nutrition, exercise and healthy living.